​​​​About Us

Hi I am Garv, your Jugaadu Chef.

From the very beginning, I am obsessed with food. Food is my weakest link, and if anybody needs to get anything done from me, good food is what they bribe me with.

I have always been inclined towards baked goodies and thus Italian food is my favorite cuisine. And not just pizza, pasta, and garlic bread, you may find me biting cakes and pastry often. Thanks to my sweet tooth.

I have seen my mother Sonia Gupta baking for me most of the times. I love when people find her at random places and then ask hey “You are Sonia Gupta from AnyBodyCanBake” and when she says “Yes”, I see unlimited joy on their faces.

Baking, video shoots, courses, YouTube, I have always been surrounded with all of these things for a long time and finally decided to make my own mark into it.

JugaaduChef was founded in 2019 with the aim of “Recipes for Kids, by a Kid”. I wanted to share the joy of baking and cooking with my alike. So I started my blog and my YouTube.

I have just begun, let’s see how far I can travel.

Thanks for reading.


Garv Gupta

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